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Ball Control Test

Impact Accuracy, as discovered in your FREE TEST, it is essentially a matter of coordination, a pre-condition to the next key factor: EFFECTIVENESS. We can simply define it, in tennis, as the ability to keep the ball in play (ball control). Of course age, phase of development, and level of abilities (physical, technical, tactical, and mental) will determine the accuracy, the speed, and the variety of shots you are able to master, according to the situations. 
To know more and follow up on your level's evaluation go to the next step, the BALL CONTROL TEST, you will get a .pdf document with a clear explanation of the procedure to follow to perform the test. It includes benchmarks, nevertheless please remember that:
 the main goal of each player is to consistently become a much better version of him/herself.

Ball Control Test

This ability depends essentially on yourself, it is a mix of understanding what you can do in a given situation (tactics/shot selection/dexterity), proprioception (your ability to master your movements), ball feel (the ability to sense and control the ball through your racquet's swings).

It is a simple test that can be performed in less than 30 minutes with the help of a sparring/coach and someone who checks the time with a stopwatch.

The concept of effectiveness goes beyond the one of ball control, which is a combination of physical and technical skills, Actually, it includes other abilities, the main one being the ability to master your emotions, so express your best, almost at any time.

The human body reacts responds to inputs with a combination of multiple dynamic integrated systems, which, all together, determines the outcome.  A combination of personal individual characteristics, beliefs, habits developed, this one mainly developed training and competing.


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